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Background Reading

As one might expect after some 80 years, there are conflicting accounts of the Towers.

Please refer to some or all of the following and draw your own conclusions, the basic facts are there, it is the surrounding 'mysteries' that make for interesting discussion.

The Mystery Towers of World War One - F. R. Turner - 1995 - ISBN 0-9524303-3-9

The Mystery Towers - A Shoreham Enigma - John Stafford - An A4 sheet - Marlipins Museum Publication No 1.

The Military Defence of West Sussex - John Goodwin - Middleton Press - 1985 - ISBN 0-906520-23-1

Tyrrell's List - The Artefacts of Two Great Wars in Sussex - Peter Longstaff-Tyrrell - 1998 - Gote House Publishing

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14 May 2002